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Cake and Slice

Gousto are a fabulous company who supply their subscribers with incredible recipe kits that include ready-measured, beautifully fresh ingredients and easy to follow meal kits. Watch this video to find out more and see how easy Gousto really is! 

Personal Thoughts 

The recipes provided by Gousto were so simple to follow. Having everything measure out all ready saves me so much time. I live such a busy life style and sometimes compensate the quality of my meals simply because of the amount of time i have. But Gousto recipes were straight forward and the cooking preparation was next to nothing. Gousto offer a range of healthy, filling and tasty meals that can take between 10 - 20minutes to prepare, all recipes have the preparation and cooking time clearly shown. 

Gousto offer variety, if anything too much because everything looks so yummy! Head over to the website select your delivery date and the meals you want. Delivery is wostraight forward, all food packages come with reusable cool bags and blankets that keep your food so fresh until you get home. 

I have recommended Gousto to so many friends and family and all have loved it!! In fact Gousto have given me a personal discount code which will give you 50% off your first two boxes, simply type PAUL at checkout and enjoy yourself some incredible meals! 

All my love

Paul xx 

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